Simina Badea

Photo: Matt Observe
Photo: Matt Observe

born 1984 in Sibiu, Romania

lives and works in Vienna since 2003

1999-2003 Fine Arts Highschool Sibiu, Painting Class

2003-2008 Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

Expanded Pictorial Space with Franz Graf

Graphic Arts and Printmaking Techniques with Gunter Damisch

2008 Master Degree in Fine Arts

and Diploma Exhibition with the title "A Study on the discursive patterns of the mind", a series of 8 etchings

2008 Buddhist Philosophy and Tibetan Language Study Trip at the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives, Dharamsala, HP, India

2009 Tibetology at the University of Vienna

2010 My Son´s Birth

2010-2013 Tcm Nutritionist Training with Ina Diolosa

Diploma Theme "The pictorial in TCM", a series of 12 inkdrawings that combine the pictorial aspect of TCM with an own artistic view.

2013 certified TCM Nutritionist